I am at that age where I reach my boiling point quite easily and ends up asking the universe ” Just one time can someone else be sorry”. However, I never hear back. Might be she is busy on cheating ourselves or maybe everybody is phoning her all day like this or whatever.

But I really wish I could get some divine interaction. Asking for the things to end up or run smoothly, I wanna ask universe is there any problem with me ” My be I’m wrong in some way or the other” or She wanna polish me but for what, why I am going through series of disappointments. I think I’m a soul with good intentions and if I’m then why I have been forced to channelize my energy every time to recover myself back.

Why it’s me always suffering, why always this happen that I feel sorry for the people and keep asking me “what was the need of doing that, can’t I handle this world diplomatically. I really wanna learn diplomacy. It will help me in handling my day to day interaction with the people around me and then I would be a happy mate for everyone.

So, why don’t I?

Yeah, I have found the way, I will start doing this but it would harm me, it would mold me, by doing this I would be the people’s preferred one.

How could I be GOD’s preferred one ??

Namely, I don’t feel comfortable petitioning for specific things from GOD, Because that feels to me a kind of weakness of faith. I never like asking ” will you change this thing or that thing in my life?”

Instead, I feel more courageous in asking for strength to face whatever occurs in my life with equanimity, no matter how things turn out.

I’m a part of this Universe, a constituent- I have every entitlement to participate in the actions of the universe and to let my feelings known, so I,m making my case. However, it is quite paradoxical that my case would be taken into consideration or not?

I think when two souls are locked in conflict, the world is contaminated by it.

I have read ” you must practice staying strong, in order to avoid chaos in your life”

When I converse with my mind it gives me a sense of duality, My mind tries to convince me that I’m flawed, and broken and need fixing.

Is it necessary to finish your business with everyone ?? or just to yourself only?

How, would I finish this business with myself, when I know I’m right? I’m a strong woman who has never harmed anyone for anything.

Should I change myself ?? or die in hope that someday universe might like enough to hit the golden buzzer and answer.