A man is waiting for a dinner

So you thought that the best diet plan ever was not to eat at all? Starving yourself to death and believe it will help you lose the fat?

Well, to your disappointment this is not only inconvenient and devastating to your health but also it’s making the fat you want to lose more “stubborn”. Hard to believe is it? What if I also tell you that the reason resides in our evolutionary history? Yes it’s true!

Our ancestors depended on hunting for food and they did not know when will they get to have their next meal and so our body evolved to stick to the fat reserves to conserve the energy hence if you starve, your body holds even more tightly to the fat reserves.

Not only it becomes hard to lose fat but also it has deteriorating effects on your health. Now in return of a slim figure you wouldn’t want dark circles round your eyes and weakness that you can’t even do your daily chores with ease.

What are the alternatives?

There are many healthy alternatives to lose weight and not compromise on your health. There are special diet routines and types of diet that can be adopted and lose weight in a healthier way.

The fact is that you have accumulated this amount of fat in many years so it is irrational to believe that you can shed it overnight or in a week by just starving your body and robbing it of all the nutrition which is of vital importance.

So what can be done? All the diet plans and exercise programs might promise you huge results but the bottom line will always remain the same and will never change that you need to adapt to a healthier lifestyle if you want to shed pounds and stay fit. Moving to a healthier life is the only way you need to go.

Never skip breakfast.

When you wake up your body has been fasting since last 8 hours, your metabolism is slow and it’s the best time to move to the fat burning mode.

Rather than avoiding breakfast altogether you can avoid certain foods and choose the ones that can accelerate your metabolism.

Buttered toast, donuts, bagels are a strict no for the first meal of your day as they just shoots up your blood sugar levels and leave you hungry again after sometime. So instead prefer eggs on toast or fruit salad topped with yogurt or a meal of oatmeal with fruits and honey.

How to decide which food is healthy?

The GI or the glycemic index is one parameter that can be used to choose the right food for you. Foods with high GI are broken down easily by the body and release energy where as foods with low GI are broken down gradually that makes you feel full for longer durations. For instance instead of white bread opt for wheat/grain bread.

Green tea not only detoxifies but is also known to increase your metabolism. Start your day with a good cup of green tea. And stay refreshed all day long

What to avoid?

Fruit juices, sodas and cold drinks are laden with artificial sweeteners and all the extra sugar. This sugar is not only contributing to your fat gain but also causes serious health issues like heart ailments!

Snacking is hard to avoid and I understand. Do not stop it but change it. Include snacks that are high on their nutrient contents and just throw away the cookies pastries and chips you have stocked. You can use strong flavoured sugarless mint gum to avoid the snack attack too.

I won’t say that you have to bid goodbye to your favourite food. Every corner of the week you can pamper yourself with a treat of pizza. Just go for healthier toppings though. For instance go for vegetable toppings instead of meat. Ask for reduced fat cheese and a thin crust.

Believe it or not but alcohol has more calories per gram than carbohydrates. Though the best is to avoid alcohol altogether but still if you want make a pattern for example when in a party take breaks between your drinks. Go for sparkling water after your first drink instead of directly moving on to the next.


Make use of all that stored energy.

Exercise is a proved way of accelerating your metabolism. In case you do not find time in your schedule you would be happy to know that you don’t have to. Just move more. Avoid the lift, use the stairs. Never shy away from having to leave your seat time and again for grabbing some files. If you keep more on the move than being sedentary at your workplace even that could be enough exercise you require.

Be a slow eater.

Set time for your meal and start to savour the taste of each and every morsel your take. The slow you eat the faster you will appease your hunger. Slow meals are more pleasurable plus they trigger certain hormones that give you the feeling of fullness which fails to happen when you eat in a rush as your stomach could not send the signals on time hence, you overeat.


Sleep and shed

Now could there be a better way? Yes a study has shown that when your idle activities are replaced by sleep you can avoid the mindless snacking and actually lose weight.

Cook your own meals

When you cook yourself homemade meals there are fewer chances to include fat laden oily foods that you usually binge on in the streets. Avoid eating out as much as you can. Moreover cooking could be recreational more than you thought.


A healthy lifestyle stays unmatched to everything you try. Generally the rule is if you are not fat genetically then you are fat unhealthily. That means you are surely having an unhealthy lifestyle. Changing your routine just to lose weight might seem a little shallow but the fact is you are also steering away from many diseases in the process and you might not even notice.