The term insanity might make you doubt about what to expect. Well yes you are right it’s exactly what you are thinking. Insanity work out also known as max interval training or high intensity training involves extreme workout for a short period of time flanked by long periods of rest.

Regular interval training involves splitting your exertion into various intervals. For instance a long run can be divided as minor jogging sprinting and walking then repeating the steps again.

But when you go for high intensity workout the intensity of exertion increases i.e. the sprinting time will increase compared to jogging and the jogging periods act as the resting periods until you are ready for the next sprint.

The workout schedule includes 10 workouts each routine of about 30 to 60 minutes which are to be done 6 days a week.

The first month involves:

  • Fit test
  • Plyometric cardio circuit
  • Pure cardio
  • Cardio power and resistance
  • Cardio recovery

These are followed by a week of recovery and then you start with the second month. The recovery phase will include core cardio and balance routine which will be a less intense workout schedule.

The second month workout schedule will include:

  • Max interval circuit
  • Max interval plyo
  • Max cardio conditioning
  • Max recovery

Considering it is an extreme workout program the level of intensity will go very high and even if you have good endurance level you might find it hard to keep up in the beginning. But once you are half way through it you will start competing with yourself. Set a target and beat yourself. It will be fun.

Todd Astorino PhD. Associate professor in the department of kinesiology at California state university, San Marcos says that the greater intensity leads to greater adaptations. He also states in this regard that what changes and challenges you might come across while going for such intense workout regime. The blood sugar level is likely to drop which is a reaction of the body to avoid any metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes.

Todd ensures that there is no doubt that this regime is going to improve your athletic condition i.e. the ability of your lungs and heart to handle physical activity or in general terms your stamina.

The goal of any exercise and diet schedule is “weight loss” and to say that only exercise or a diet alone will work would be wrong. As Todd states “it may help you to avoid weight gain but that’s not same as losing weight”

Many studies have been conducted to observe the effect of any physical activity on your weight and it has been concluded that exercise though being good for your health, but single handidly it cannot help you shed the fat unless you combine it with a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Stephen Boutcher PhD. And associate professor at Australia’s university of new south Wales studied the effect of insanity workout on body fat and observed 4 pounds weight loss in three months but is that significant? No, that wouldn’t make me happy after all the extremities I have gone through.

But boutcher also states that insanity workout does suppress your appetite in a way none of the conventional aerobic exercises ever did. But in order to get that body on the cereal box you need to do more. You need to develop healthy eating habits for one. But once you are done with the program once you will wear your accomplishment on your chest as a victory badge and flaunt as much as you can.

What does it really do to you?

Okay so here comes the part where I will tell you what to expect “actually” from the program.

To be honest, not just will you notice weight loss but it will also add some muscle mass to your body. The diet plan that comes with it includes 40% carbs, 40% proteins and 20% fats all of which is super ideal for muscle growth combined with the heavy exercise. But the positive point is that given the time frame you won’t just get a huge muscle built but it will more of define your muscles and considering all the fat being lost your body is going to look more sculpted. And also it’s the best endurance test you can give your body and improve on.

Are you good enough to go for it?

Well as the title suggests you need to be really sound on your health before thinking about it as it has been known to break even the healthy ones. So I would suggest you go for a cardio test before buying the product.

Do not let yourself think that you can just start with it getting off your couch. NO! Make sure that you can at least manage 10 pushups and run at least a mile.

If you are still recovering from a recent physical injury this program is a big NO for you.

How to keep myself going?

It’s never easy to get yourself into something like this I mean who would drag himself into hell so it’s a big deal to keep yourself motivated all through the way. Here are a few things you need to always remember:

  • Commitment- before starting make a resolution that you will do it as scheduled and NEVER back out. No soothing words. The first week is gonna be painful as hell so keep reminding yourself all the time why you are doing this?
  • Do not go alone- well there are things you need company for and this is one such ideal thing. Two is always better to keep you going on anything. Even a fun ride is not fun if you don’t have someone on your side isn’t it?
  • Keep record- catalogue your journey all through the way. This will keep you sticking to it because you need to jot down what you did this week and an empty entry would be demoralising.
  • Follow a diet- as I have already mentioned earlier this is a must. Also you can’t just let all your hard work go waste by having junk laden with fat.

Well I think I have covered all you need to know before going crazy on your exercise routine. And if you think you fit all the criteria go ahead buy the program and trust me in no time you would be showing off an athletic beach body making all the girls burn with envy. (Wink).