There is a myth that women are glitter-farting, strawberry-scented, soft and smooth creatures of hairless wonder. This is not true. So, we bust some of the common myths about the female body, which a surprisingly large number of men seem to have.

That we are naturally hairless.

We blame those hair-removal commercials which depict a woman shaving an already-hairless leg for giving birth to this myth. Women are not hairless. We have hair on our stomachs, our breasts, our butt, and pretty much every other place, just like guys do.

That both breasts look exactly the same.

Symmetry is not only boring, but also rather uncommon. Most pairs of breasts are different from each other, just the way both balls aren’t exactly equivalent. Stop making a woman feel bad for her body because she does not look like Barbie.

That very painful periods are normal.

God knows how many cases of ovarian cysts or serious conditions likeendometriosis have gone undiagnosed thanks to misogynist medical practitioners who dismiss period pains as a normal part of being a woman. Excessive pain is not normal, and feeling like Thor’s hammer is hitting your ovaries and vagina, is not normal either.

That we only have two bodily orifices in our nether regions.

Thanks to this very patriarchal world, men perceive everything from their own narrow perspective. This includes their perception of female genitalia. So, we shall clarify once and for all. Women do not pee with their vagina.Women have a tiny opening above the vagina to do that, called the urethra. Women also have an asshole, where you cannot “accidentally” put your penis.

That the vagina is our primary sexual organ.

We blame this on popular culture, and on biology. Since the world is rather phallic, we assume that a woman’s sexual pleasure would have something to do with a man’s sexual pleasure, thereby making the vagina the preferred sexual organ of choice. In reality, vaginal orgasms are rare, and some women never experience them at all, making clitoral orgasms the method of choice.

That menstrual blood is like excreta.

If I had a dollar for every time someone called menstrual blood “dirty,” I’d be very wealthy. Menstrual blood is just blood, with some bits of tissue. It has no odour, barring that of blood. Anyone who says that it also carries the bacteria from the vagina, and thus, is dirty, should know that vaginal discharge occurs outside the menstrual cycle as well, since the vagina is self-cleaning, so it continuously flushes out toxins in small amounts. This, in fact, makes it much cleaner than other body parts.

That breasts are hardy spherical objects which can be manhandled.

Breasts are tender. They are delicate appendages which should be handled with care, not bruised and squeezed and bitten. They also experience shooting pain randomly, and can be quite the burden on our back. So, be as gentle with them as you’d want us to be with your balls.

That sex is always comfortable and fun, even on a full stomach.

The vaginal wall is pretty close to the anal wall in the case of many women, which makes sex and constipation an ugly cocktail you do not want to try. This makes every thrust and every movement of the penis inside the vagina acutely uncomfortable, and literally feels like shit. This excessive pressure can result in a mess, so it is best to unload and then go at it.

That period sex is a no-no.

Fact: Period sex is way more comfortable than regular sex due to the additional lubrication that happens thanks to menstrual blood. What’s more, is that period sex can actually help relieve menstrual cramps. And no, period sex does not lead to STDs, worse menstrual cramps, or a satanic bloodbath.

That women don’t sweat.

Sweating is unrelated to a person’s sex, and has everything to do with how much water you have been drinking. It is true that men tend to smell muskier because testosterone causes more hair growth, which traps sweat and doesn’t let it get aired out as easily. Having said that, it is not true that women “glow” and don’t sweat.

What are some of the myths you have heard about women’s bodies?