By Nimmi Prasad

Six decades since independence,yet Mcauley’s trickle down theory is not a part of reality.Part of reality is poverty,women violence,malnutrition,the huge gender gap.Right of children to free and compulsory education act 2009 for 6-14 yrs have been made a fundamental right in article 21A of constitution on April 2010.With this,India becomes 135th nation to adopt RTE.


An educated society is an answer to all social stereotypes(evils),political declination and economy drain.And the way to future vision of superpower passes through educated India.

This act provides 25% reservation to children of poor section of society and no interview of parents for child’s admission and no donation.All this have been done to do justice with varying socio-economic condition of India.It also envisages that no child shall be held back till the completion of elementary education,drop outs to be taught with same age students & put tuition by teacher.All this to make child free of fear ,trauma & anxiety through a system of child friendly & child centered  learning.Apart these,it ensures specified pupil-teacher ratio is maintained rather than average of state,district.block.


Also,no urban rural imbalance in teacher postings,prohibition of deployment for non-education work other than decennial census,elections to state legislature,parliament & disaster relief,provision of disabled children have also been enshrined in this act.

Central govt. has made National Commission for Elementary Education (NCE) to examine changes in implementation.These has been initiatives but lot of work still lies ahead.

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Act should also include provisions for orphans.and the quality of knowledge of teacher is still questionable.One of the major hindrance to education for girls- sanitation facilities has not been worked upon in the laid act.

Like Haryana,other states should also make special provisions to implement this long awaited “Right to Education”.Effective implementation ,penetration at the grass root level,constant efforts by leaders of society including teachers,local government,parents in providing education and sharing of responsibility between center & state government can only bring a revolutionary change in Indian education.